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German I

Image by David Bayliss

„Die Grenzen meiner Sprache sind die Grenzen meiner Welt" - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world."

This is a high school level, introductory level German class, designed for students who do not speak German and have not previously taken a class ​in German. It is also open to highly motivated, mature middle school students. There are two required texts for this class. They are available from Klett, Amazon, or can be ordered through your favorite bookseller.

    • Klasse A1!: Deutsch für Jungendliche - Kursbuch mit Audios und Videos, ISBN: 978-3-12-607119-2

    • Klasse A1!: Deutsch für Jungendliche - Übungsbuch mit Audio​s, ISBN: 978-3-12-607120-8


Why learn German?

  1. Over 100 million people around the world speak German. It is the most common language spoken in Europe (other than English). 

  2. English is a Germanic language, which makes it one of the easier languages to learn!

  3. German is the second most commonly used scientific language and Germany is the third largest contributor to research. It's also the language of philosophy, literature, art, music, and history.

  4. College in Germany is free!

  5. German is fun!  


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