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I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein

Hi! I'm Aubrey.

I'm a homeschool mom of three, ranging in age from twelve to nineteen. My oldest child is double majoring in Biology and German at The University of Texas at Austin. My middle child is in 11th grade, and my youngest child is in 7th grade.  

I knew I wanted to teach on the first day of kindergarten when I learned teaching was a career someone could have. After graduation, I began my journey in education as a public school teacher. I taught at the middle and high school level across a variety of core subjects: math, science, and language arts. When my oldest was born, I quit teaching to stay home. I missed teaching, but I loved being home with my children.

My science classes grew out of what I was doing with my own children. I am passionate about science and struggled to find hands-on science curriculum. I didn't want their experience in science to be just watching videos or reading from a textbook. I wanted them to see how amazing the world around them is and to ignite an interest in learning. Unable to find that, I created it for my own kids. Word spread, and other kids began joining us for science.

As we continued on our homeschooling journey, it became evident that my kids were interested in STEM careers so honors level, college preparatory, hands-on science classes became increasingly important. I wanted to ensure that all the students I teach - not just my own - would be competitive applicants for college. My goal for my classes is three-fold: first, I want them to be excited about doing science as an active participant, rather than a passive learner. Second, I want students to leave my class with a solid foundation of science that prepares them to excel in further science classes at the college level. Third, I want them to have fun. 

Almost two decades later, I'm still teaching and it's the best of both worlds. I get to homeschool my children and I get to geek out over science with groups of kids every week! My oldest students have now graduated, and continued on to dual enrollment classes at ACC, and to 4-year universities using what they learned in my classes as the foundation for their success. It's been amazing to watch them soar, and to hear them tell me they're doing some of the same experiments in college that they did with me in high school.

Professionally, I have taught biology, chemistry, astronomy, environmental science, physics, anatomy and physiology, forensics, infectious diseases, and zoology. My favorite sciences is biology (especially genetics and infectious diseases), but I will happily geek out about just any science topic!

If you see me "in the wild", I'm almost sure to have either my Kindle or a set of knitting needles in my hands. When I'm not teaching, I am an avid reader of all genres and I always have a sock in my purse to knit if I'm waiting somewhere. I also play the viola in the Parent Orchestra at The University of Texas' String Project. 

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