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Forensic Science

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Forensic Science is a science course that incorporates biology, chemistry, math, and physics and is recommended for upper middle school. This course is taught as a traditional science course, incorporating laboratory activities, virtual activities, and short-term projects. No previous formal science classes are required to be successful in this class. My class emphasizes discussion and active learning over a straight lecture format.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Crime Scene Processing

  • Types of fingerprints, fingerprint analysis, and fuming for fingerprints

  • Hair and fiber analysis

  • Identifying glass fragments using physical matches and refractive analysis

  • Soils and impression casts

  • Ballistics and tool markings

  • Blood spatters

  • DNA Evidence

  • Drug analysis and toxicology

  • Forensic entomology and anthropology

  • Careers in Forensic Science

My hope is that students will see how these themes are interrelated and leave with an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the world around them. 

Required Materials

  • goggles, ANSI standard Z87.1 approved (safety googles will NOT work), like these

  • A basic calculator - does not need to be a graphing calculator

  • Computer access for Google Classroom (requires an email address)

  • binder or notebook for notes

  • 1 subject spiral notebook for lab notebook

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